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Walter's Concierge has extensive, international expertise in the travel industry, producing and executing unique travel experiences that deliver lasting memories. Private or corporate, large or small, we provide members with a conception to execution solution ensuring that the intended outcome is at the forefront of the planning process through to delivery.

From amazing worldwide travel experiences created exclusively for each member to one-off hotel bookings. Our team of travel and hospitality experts will provide you with smart insider knowledge and access to exclusive perks and benefits such as room upgrades where possible, early check-in/late check-out and spa credits at some of the world's finest establishments. 


We favour a creative and bold approach to travel so let our team arrange a perfect journey, getting you to your destination in comfort, safety and effortless style.  



Flight Bookings and Travel Management 

Private Jet and Helicopter Charter

Private Ground Transportation (Chauffeur or Self Drive)

Luxury Yacht and Sailing Yacht Charter

Luxury Villa Rentals


At Walter's Concierge, we hold unique relationships with some of the world's most exclusive and desirable restaurants, bars and clubs.

From dining at new and exciting restaurants with the best table in the house, to dancing the night away at some of the most exclusive clubs, our team can ensure that your experience is second to none and you also enjoy the additional benefits afforded to our members.


With an extensive network of contacts and excellent partnerships, we are able to tailor our recommendations for the best establishments based on your preferences. We will also gain you access and reserve you a table.  


For a more intimate setting, we can arrange private dining with a bespoke menu and wine selection to match. 


Over the years we have established great relationships with industry leading suppliers across the world. Through our extensive network, we are able to provide access to tickets and hospitality packages for just about every exclusive or sold out event.


Whether a sporting event, film premier, award ceremony, fashion show, music concert or VIP party, we ensure our members have access to the best seats in the house.   

We also pride ourselves on delivering the best private parties and events management service to members and clients. From sourcing the best venues to arranging the entertainment, our events and hospitality experts will ensure all the details are taken care of, allowing you to have an amazing experience.

At Walter's Concierge we pride ourselves on our long standing ability to create amazing bespoke experiences for members and clients. 

For us, it is not about waking up in the finest hotels in the world, criss-crossing continents in the comfort of the world’s top carriers, nor touring our planet’s amazing wonders that define experiences. Anyone can book a hotel, reserve a flight, put together a wedding proposal or even arrange a visit to the most spectacular site on earth, but what about the elements that make for a personalised, worry-free and indulgent experience?


At Walter's Concierge, experiences are not just about the things you can see, touch and capture on camera, but also about your emotions and how it makes you feel. It is our attention to every detail in every aspect that will make it the one to remember.

We produce and execute unique experiences that deliver outstanding results. From a cross country road trip, a beautiful wedding in the south of France or an adrenaline filled track day with a celebrity, our creative team can put together a unique package that will ensure the memories are cherished. 


With Britain boasting some of the world's finest educational establishments, Walter's Concierge has developed a unique approach to ensure members take full advantage. 

We understand the importance of education and personal development, which is why we partner with some of Britain's top education professionals and specialists, who through years of experience can provide strategic and suitable solutions for matters in this sector. From school placements to education planning, our relationships ensure your child gets the best advice and private tuition available.  


We are also experienced in providing additional support staff such as nannies, house keepers, family security advisors and personnel. 


Walter's Concierge connects people and organisations to create value and exceptional results. Over the last 10 years we have developed influential relationships; one's which come with key insights and service assurances across various industries. 

Our international networks, experience and credibility in the luxury hospitality and lifestyle sector are unrivalled and to ensure members get the best services, we occasionally offer our recommendation to experts in various industries including but not limited to finance, health, interior design, real estate and education.   


Each referral has been either carefully reviewed by us over a period of time, or put forward by one of our trusted contacts.


We understand that day to day tasks can often be time consuming for our clients. This is where we step in. From doing the shopping to sourcing out the best electrician and pet grooming specialists, we provide members with exclusive services. Through our wide ranging partnerships with outstanding service providers, we can ensure your life runs smoothly giving you the time to enjoy the more important things in life. 

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